Let's be honest... some of our heads could use some help.

We've all been chilling at home for quite some time and needless to say, our grooming routines may have suffered a bit. Come on, be honest... when's the last time you took a shower? Hey, I'm not judging! If you're not leaving the house, why does it matter?

Anyway, despite us enjoying a little more relaxed life, our hair has gotten out of hand. My roots are out of control right now, but I refuse to turn to box color. As for guys, your hair may be out of whack as well. Maybe you can't hold on until stay at home orders are lifted and barbers and hair salons are open again. What do you do?

Enter, Quarancuts Virtual Hair School.

This is an IGTV tutorial on how to cut men's hair. It's a new series put together by a New York City barber called Barba, in partnership with the Terri & Sandy Agency. The master stylist Xavier Cruz will walk you through a basic haircut to keep the fellas in your home groomed.

Billy Porter was Xavier's first student in the first episode/. Surprisingly, the results weren't terrible. Although Billy should probably stick to his day job.

Lessons will air on IGTV.

For those looking to take a virtual Zoom class for cutting hair, just send a direct message to Barba on Instagram. Who knows, you may love it so much that you want to become a barber after this pandemic.

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