How bad is it starting to look, really? Miss your barber? Miss your salon?

Thankfully you are stuck inside and you don't have to wear a hat unless you really need to go outside.

Ladies, need your nails done?

Well worry no more, I found a loophole in our grooming problems.

It just suddenly struck me that while the human salons and barbershops are closed due to coronavirus... the pet grooming shops are still open.

They cut hair. They do nails.

Sure, you might come out with a poodle cut and a bow on your forehead, sure the guys are really going to hate that, but we have have been groomed. We look human again. Okay maybe not "human." Not with that cut.

Sure, maybe the dog is laughing at us because we just got the same embarrassing hairstyle we force him to wear. There are flaws here, I admit.

But they even shampoo and will give you a good delousing if you have not showered in a long time.


The governors of several states have just announced that they will let barbers and salons reopen soon.

Well, okay, fine. But my barber won't rub my belly.

NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images


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