Riley Gaines was good enough to call Wake Up Wyoming and speak to Glenn Woods about her upcoming Speak Louder Campus Tour event at the University Of Wyoming.

You can hear that interview - below.

One of the stations that carries Wake Up Wyoming is KOWB, a talk station in Laramie.

According to Gaines, several universities around the nation would not allow her to speak, making every excuse they could think of to deny Riley the chance to say her part.

The former college swimmer is now an activist for women’s rights.

She will speak at UW this Tuesday, Oct. 24.

It was very interesting to hear how so many in America's university systems speak out against her in public, but in private tell her that they support her message and want her to keep fighting.

Riley Gaines Talks UW Visit by Bill Schwamle

During Gaines' college swimming career regulations changed to allow transgender athletes to compete in their preferred gender's competitions. This is what led Riley Gaines to a race that would result in a tie between her and a transgender.

Riley says they gave the trophy to the other swimmer, despite the tie, because of a social and political atmosphere regarding transgender individuals in sports.

She will be allowed to speak at UW and most students do not have a problem with her appearance.

But there will be some protestors and disagreements.

It was one of UW's sororities that gained national attention when a transgender individual was allowed to join, despite the objections of many of the girls who were current members.

Lawsuits are pending regarding that controversy.

Riley Ganes made sure to mention that issue during her interview with me on Wake Up Wyoming.

She is sure to bring it up while speaking at UW.

Issues of security will be addressed at UW. But in the past, it has been shown that UW students, while vocal, are not violent.

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