You might have heard the story of pilots reporting seeing a man in a jet pack, about 3000 feet in the air, above Los Angeles.  I have to admit I wondered if the story was true when I first heard it.

It's true.

Click above and you can hear the audio of pilots calling in the scene.

The pilots seemed to be sure of what they are seeing, but not believing that they were seeing it. They seem a bit nervous about actually reporting the unexpected vision.

The air traffic controller seems to not believe what he is hearing at first either. Then there is a tone of "okay - whatever" in his voice. It is, after all, 2020. Anything can happen.

They are reporting it because no one was supposed to be up there, that high, that close to an airport. Especially one of the busiest airports in the nation.

Worse yet, he was only 300 yards away from final approach.That means he was way to close to the pathway those big airplanes are coming in on as they land.

The FAA is sure to investigate. Just as it is illegal to fly a drone up there, no one should be flying anything else up there - certainly not a lone human being.

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