I've found the perfect COVID-19 Halloween Song: THE MASK - to the tune of Monster Mash.

It had to be that, didn't it?

The singer of this perfect Halloween song for such a sucky year does a wonderful job sounding almost exactly like the guy from the original Monster Mash song.

He twists the words perfectly as he describes all of the annoying problems that we all complain about when it comes to wearing a mask.

The song begins when he arrives at work and his boss sends him home, telling him that he has to wear a mask from now on when he shows up to the office. On his way home, and once he gets there, things go down hill.

But though he knows he is supposed to wear one, he suffers from the problem of continually forgetting it.

He gets kicked out of a shopping mall.

He gets growled at when he tries to put one on his dog.

At the end of the song, we hear him pounding on his front door. His wife won't let him in because he's not wearing a mask. But he wanted to go inside to get one.

There is the problem - he can't go inside to get a mask, because he's not wearing a  mask.

YES 2020 sucks that much. But hey, really sucky years mean really great parody songs.

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