Tornadoes are always a scary sight, even more so when you see a funnel directly over your head.

Yesterday (July 8th, 2020), an NBC News meteorologist, Cory Reppenhagen shared some frightening, but beautiful photos to his official Facebook page of a tornado in Colorado. He captioned the photos:

Looking straight up at a Colorado tornado. 16 miles SE of Julesburg. 📷credit to Noah Blochowitz.

The photos have already been viewed more than 1500 times and shared over 390 times.

Twisters are becoming more common in the Colorado and Wyoming area as of late. A video of a tornado touching down in Colorado was posted to the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, although it hasn't been confirmed by the Nation Weather Service yet. The video (shown below), was taken just outside the Colorado/Nebraska state line. At this moment, we were unable to verify if the tornadoes are the same. For more information on the video, click here.

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