You can't miss it.

Each fall, they're out in a yard on 15th Street in Casper. Last year they were playing cornhole. This year, they're wrestling.

Corey Davison said he and his wife began making the skeleton displays in their yard some eight years ago.

"This keeps growing year after year," Davison said. "When I'm putting this one together this year, I've already got the next idea planned out for next year.

"It's good fun and people enjoy it."

Davison said members of the community will stop by, take pictures or offer encouragement.

This year's theme — wrestling — came to Davison as he was setting up last year's display, which featured cornhole.

It normally takes Davison about a week to set up the display.

"It's the best time of the year. It's just a whole lot of fun," Davison said. "You see other places around town doing decorations as well. That's cool — keep it going."

As for next year's display?

"I'm not going to spoil it," Davison said.

Skeletons Duke It Out In Casper Yard

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