I really feel bad for retailers this year.

Throughout the summer their stores were attacked by mobs of looters. Those stores that managed to make it through that will now face mobs of Black Friday shoppers.

Imagine the panic of those store managers and employees when they once again see a massive crowd pushing on the door, demanding to be let in. They are all wearing masks. Is it COVID-19 they are worried about or the security cameras?

There is a way to tell the difference between Black Friday shoppers and looters.

There are a few clues up front:

Do you see Molotov cocktails and bottles of spray paint? That's a bad sign.

Shoppers are carrying purses and wallets not clubs and bricks.

Shoppers beat each other up, looters beat up store managers and employees.

We are just getting warmed up here - I hope this handy gallery helps.

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