Imagine how hard he worked on this moment. How much time did he spend trying to find just the right way to ask her? His plan was perfect.

But he forgot to factor in a few things:

Murphy's Law - "Anything that can go wrong, will."

Smith's Law - "Murphy was an optimist."

Multiply those two laws by 2020 and you now have the odds for this turning out to be the coolest proposal ever.

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So I guess we are supposed to look at the bright side, or something. WELL, if there's a bright side - they did not lose the ring. And she did say YES! And this video, that just went viral, will be something they can laugh about for the rest of their lives.

BUT WAIT - This is not the first time such a thing has happened. This couple will certainly look on youtube to see their video, and when they do they will see a few others than ended like theirs.

Here is a guy who kneeled on the boat, and it still went bad. They even lost the ring.

Here is a redneck boat proposal what went horribly bad. They also lost the ring.

After several of these guys drop their rings in the water, we might begin to wonder if they really want to get married. The guy below just let it POP out of his hand into the water.

This next guy was setting up to kneel and propose while she was not looking, but then -- OOPS! - This left her wondering what he was looking for down in the water.

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