The eastern side of Wyoming may have had mild snowfall this winter. But west of there has seen more than enough.

In what seems like a repeat of history that nobody even wants to think about a brutal winter storm slammed the California Seria Nevada Mountains this weekend

A long line of motorists are stranded near Donner Pass.

By Saturday morning more than three feet of snow had fallen in areas such as Donner Summit, which lies along Interstate 80 northwest of Lake Tahoe.

More snow fell after that and more snow is coming.

We all remember Donner Summit and Donner Pass for the party of settlers who were trapped in a snowstorm in 1846.

81 people were trapped for months,

Only 15 made it out of the mountains alive.

Some resorted to cannibalism to survive.

I'm sure that's not happening this time.

What do you want to bet that the people trapped up there are making Donner Party jokes?

The storm continues this Monday with another 18 inches of snow expected.

Interstate 80 has been closed due to the storm.

Folks in Wyoming know all about I-80 being closed.

It happens several times each winter.

But Wyoming doesn't have Donner Pass jokes.

Emergency vehicles and big machines have been called to rescue trapped motorists who have been driving all sorts of vehicles.

The plan has been to get people out and go after stranded vehicles later.

Total snow accumulations could reach as high as 12 feet by the time this is all over.

Stories will be told by these trapped motorists for the rest of their lives, along with Donner Party references (I'm sure).

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