In the video below you'll see a herd that just seems to go on forever.

I guess we can say it's typical in this part of the country. Seeing wild animals in our neighborhoods I mean.

Most of us have see deer crossing the road or feeding on some lawn. We are all used to seeing pronghorn wandering about.

It's when they start to herd up for the migration season that we really begin to take notice.

According to ViralHog videos:

Occurred on November 14, 2021 / Estes, Colorado, USA

"A herd of elk resting in the small town of Estes in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado."

attachment-YouTube screen grab elk 2

The question asked by those in the vehicle passing this house is an obvious one. Imagine being in that house and you look out to see this massive herd camping in your yard.


They probably would just get out of the way when you opened your door. Maybe they would freak out a bit when you started your car. Chances are you're okay.

Just watch out for the bucks, they can be a bit possessive of their ladies.

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It just goes to show that the migration does not stop or change direction just because humans decided to build a town in the way.

In most cases, the humans don't mind the animals, and the animals like the fresh grass we provide along with other delicious plants we put in to decorate our homes and workplaces.


Here in Wyoming, it is typical to see bucks gathering the ladies together in the fall to begin their migration and mating season.

In the video below you can watch as the guys gather the ladies for the trip. He'll take as many of them as he can handle. Sometimes that's a lot.

On a rare occasion, you might see a couple of bulls battling for supremely. That is a rare but spectacular sight.

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