You live and learn especially if you're a parent. A new video shows that maybe it's not a great idea to put a chandelier in a kid's room.

Imagine the terror of this mom when she saw what her daughters did.

Here's what the mom said about what happened:

After converting my twins’ cribs to 'big girl beds', I quickly realized it was a mistake. I could hear a noise coming from the girls’ nursery during their nap time so I pulled up my Arlo Security app and realized one of my twins, Elise, was swinging from the chandelier. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt but the chandelier was immediately removed.

HGTV in Canada shared 15 things you should never put in a kid's room. Here are a few:

  • Crib canopy
  • Unsecured furniture
  • Artwork above the crib
  • Sheer curtains
  • Pillows and blankets in the crib
  • Shelves above the crib

That last one kind of goes without saying as you don't want even the possibility that something could fall on your baby. Now, you can add chandelier to the list.

In her defense, the mom said her daughters asked for the chandelier. When I was a kid, I asked my dad for a tank, but he didn't get me one. Sometimes you need to not do what your kids want.

Fortunately, this was a lesson learned without injuries. Just a viral video showing how not to decorate your kid's room.

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