The town of Jackson Wyoming is open for business. As you know, the main business they do is tourism.

But the mayor is asking that folks from around the nation please not return in the usual flood of humanity that the popular Wyoming town sees.

In this Vemo Video the mayor asks for a more gradual and measured return so that the town has time to adjust.

There is no guidance on how to control the number of people entering the town. There will not be any road blocks and head counting. Just a simple request. So how the town plans to manage the number of people that might want to go and visit Jackson is not clear.

The Jackson Chamber website offers a little more guidance, but again these are just requests, no idea how to manage it.

1). Jackson Hole encourages the public to thoughtfully consider travel plans and urges travelers to follow government and health professional guidance to protect themselves and others.

2). The well being of our residents and visitors remains our greatest priority and by acting responsibly, we can maintain Jackson Hole as a wide-open haven and source of inspiration.

The short post on the chamber page goes on to advise visitors on the usual health and safety precautions like washing and sanitizing hands and wearing face masks.

So, that makes it official - Jackson Wyoming is open for business. Let's just try not to show up at once, however that is supposed to work.

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