Well, gee! Another 4th Of July went off in Wyoming without a hitch. 

The people of great states like Wyoming were able to celebrate it stress-free, despite the best efforts of those who work in what we once called "news media" and some politicians and activists who want everyone to feel as miserable as they regularly do.

One headline I stumbled across read: "Congresswoman Cori Bush Doubles Down on July 4 Bashing: End the ‘Health Care, Housing, and Education Apartheid'"

Then there was this headline: California Democrat was highly critical of the US in a Fourth of July Twitter thread.

I was happy to read: George Foreman Posts Defiant Patriotic Message On Fourth Of July. But then I had to wonder, why is his "Patriotic message" considered "DEFIANT?"

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Well, brush all of that away and forget about it. Those are just a bunch of loudmouths (sorry, I can't use the words I really need to use here) who are always in a state of misery and rarely say anything true or intelligent.

Yes, American has made some mistakes. But these critics are more interested in making a living off of harassing us over those mistakes than actually fixing a problem and moving on. In many cases, the problems they speak of have been fixed, but they are still milking it.

Worth reading is this article from Foundation For Economic Education: Can We Celebrate a Flawed Nation? Yes!

Meanwhile, back in Wyoming, rodeos were held on the 4th. People stood and removed their hats for a moment of prayer and sang The National Anthem.

Be those people.

Don't be this lady, in the video below, having a freak out because the rest of her neighborhood wants to enjoy fireworks.

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