It's summer.

Have some ice cream.

Why not try the best ice cream...


These young people are doing just that, because, WHY THE HELL NOT? 

Finally, they end up in Wyoming.

The first thing they notice is that Wyoming, compared to other states, is kind of empty.

So now the search is on for the best ice cream in the state.

You can see what they found in the YouTube short video, below.

They picked a great place.

Farson Wyoming has a stop that actually has some of the best ice cream EVER!

So where the heck is FARSON WYOMING?

Follow this link to find out.

It's a long drive to find a great place.

If you're looking for a HUGE ice cream, Farson has it.

attachment-ice cream farson wyoming 1

There really isn't much else to the town, so, have ice cream and move on.

The ice cream they chose looked more like Playdough than ice cream.

They were not happy with how hard it was. But that's why I like to let my ice cream melt just a little so it's softer to eat.

Still, they gave the Farson store and their ice cream a 7.3 out of 10.

That's not bad.

There are many other places I could have shown these young people that have great ice cream in Wyoming,

In fact, there is a list below.

attachment-ice cream farson wyoming 3

If you want to ice cream tour the best ice cream places in Wyoming, follow the list below.

I sent it to the guys in the video below in the hopes that they will come back to Wyoming and try us again.

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