You can't assume you know what is going on just by looking at the stuff in a person's shopping cart.

One woman in Australia put a note on her shopping carts informing people not to judge: "Not hoarding. 16 Kids to feed."

Jeni Bonell, from Queensland, Australia, shared a photo during a recent trip to the grocery store. The sign went on to say, "Be kind and go away please.”

“This pandemic has brought out the best and worst of people,” she told a local paper, The Sun. “And unfortunately because we have to always buy large amounts of food due to our family size, people can still be rude in the grocery store.”

Back here in Wyoming:

Recently I heard from a woman who is sick of getting dirty looks every time she shops in Cheyenne, because she has a Colorado licence plate.

Her family has owned the same ranch on the Wyoming-Colorado border for generations. Since they live so far away from even so much as a convenience store, they tend to stock up when shopping.

This causes her to get dirty looks from Wyoming shoppers who think that she is just up here to hoard stuff, because the Colorado stores are empty.

"It is actually too far to drive to Fort Collins," she said.

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