That nasty weather you've been hearing about is here.

WYDOT (Wyoming Department Of Transportation) has posted a report on YouTube that will be good until the 15th of January.

For the next few days expect heavy impacts across the southern and western part of Wyoming, including Interstate 80 and South Pass.

Expect the same sort of impact for the southern part of Interstate 25, from Cheyenne up to and just past Wheatland. Saturday night - Saturday evening.

It really is the perfect storm for that part of the state.

Snow, with extra wind to blow it around, and bitterly cold, even sub-zero, temperatures.

Below is the 3-day WYDOT weather warning.

These conditions will blend over into early next week, (Monday - Tuesday).

What is happening is the combination of several storm systems that will slowly move in on Friday and be at its worst on Saturday.

Saturday night brings another round of snow on top of the mess that was already made.

Wind gusts, depending on where you are, can but up to 55mph - even 70mph in some areas at its worst.

Once again, it's not so much the snowfall, but the way the snow gets blown around that impacts travel most.

attachment-Weather Prediction 011224

Expect some local near-blizzard conditions Friday afternoon through Friday night.

To help you along with this forecast here is what Don Day, our regional weatherman from Day Weather, said on his Friday Morning podcast.

There is a lot of rough news for our region.

Don even advises that maybe you just stay home this weekend.

Wait until the end of the video for a surprise about weather predictions and why you would never trust those weather apps on your phone.

Since most of the snow, and blowing snow, will hit the southern part of Wyoming we know what that means.

I-80 will be closed.

Yeah, nobody is shocked.

But even if you're not in that area, watch out for the brutal cold.

This storm is a 1-2 punch this weekend

Expect a short break in the weather on Saturday.

But then it all starts up again- because who doesn't want a second round of that?

Let's sing along: I-80 Has Been Closed.


These conditions lead to drifting snow, but also very slick roads. So, just because you can see blacktop does not mean you'll be out of danger.

It's best not to travel this weekend if you don't have to.

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