The Albany County Sheriff's Office announced on their Facebook page that all area closures caused by the Mullen Fire have been lifted.

In the post, the sheriff's office posted a letter from the United States Department of Agriculture.

In this letter, it states that all closures which were enacted in September are now lifted, though the fire itself may be smoldering and that heat may still be in thick timber and deadfall.

There are two areas that still remain closed due to hazardous conditions. These areas are the seven miles of the Rail Trail from Fox Park to Lake Owens, and the parking area and toilet on the northwest corner of Lake Owens.

The letter states that any visitors are to be cautious in burn areas, as trees have been weakened by the fire and may fall.

A total of 176,878 acres of land and forest were burned during the Mullen Fire, which began on September 17.

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