Why just swim when you can swim in a hidden underground cave?

After hours of research, my wife found this incredible swimming hole in Wyoming.

After a 4WD journey, we had a short hike to this spot.

We climbed down into the hole and enjoyed some late afternoon swimming in the crystal clear water.

The water is heated by geothermal activity, so it's not as cold as one would think. (Untold Road YouTube).

The video of their adventure is below.

There are also clues, below in this post, hidden in the words of an Instagram poem.

This is the perfect place to go swimming when it finally gets hot and you want to swim in cool spring water, in the shade.


Hard to find. geothermal, underground, hidden, Wyoming cave.

OKAY GREAT- so where is it?

Nobody is talking.

But a poem, left on Instagram gives us the clues.

The people who know where it is go swimming but then pull the ropes up to hide the place when they leave.

Below is a video of someone taking their friends to the spring, but they blindfold them so they don't know where they are going.

This place is truly magical, and even more magical with the effort we put into finding it. Many people will ask where this place is as I have seen on other folks' posts, though I will not tell you flat out where it is. I offer you this poem:


Someone left clues as to where the cave is but good luck figuring this out.

They discovered the Fountain of Youth,
@tclow.mp4 and @davidmrule spoke the truth.
In this state it does reside,
By the public access you must abide.

Where glacial water, runneth warm,
You’ll find no safe guard from any storm.
The river runs a reddish hue,
Within this poem there are 5 clues.

Though, the ingress sometimes blocked,
You’ll have no trouble with four wheels locked.
It is not treasure that you seek,
But, memories are what you’ll keep.

Hydrothermal, certainly yelled,
But, sulfide can not be smelled.
@wyomingjames , said it best…
Good ol Wyoming, is where I’ll rest.


Maybe if you know the area in the video and if you can figure out what this Instagram "poem" is all about you might be able to find where this cave is.

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