NASCAR announced Wednesday that it will no longer allow the display of the Confederate flag at any of it's events or any of it's properties.

This proclamation will be controversial with many NASCAR fans. Most races are held in the south and southerns wave the flag and wear it on their clothing as a symbol of pride. In their culture, the confederate flag means family and Southern heritage.To them displaying it simply says, "I'm a Southerner." It is also another way of saying, "while I love my country, I am a rebel."

The first proclamation about the flag will be controversial enough. But Wednesday, NASCAR removed its rule mandating that racing team members stand for the national anthem. 

Southerners wave their "Stars and Bars" right below the "Stars and Stripes." To not stand for the national anthem will be seen as highly offensive.

This change comes a little more than two weeks after George Floyd died under the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin, inciting outrage and protests across the nation.

The announcement from NASCAR also comes at a time when protesters are decapitating and tearing down Confederate statues across The South.

NASCAR had just began running televised races again for the fans. The stands were empty, due to COVID-19 concerns.

So how far will NASCAR take this order? The Stars and Bars are waved up in the stands, and hoisted on polls down on the green area in the center of the track where folks pay a lot of money to park their RVs for a weekend of racing. It's raised in the parking lot. It's worn on hats and t-shirts. There are even Rebel Flag Tattoos all over people's bodies.

This decision will affect ticket sales, to be sure. But so much of NASCAR trinkets sold in gift shops have that same flag displayed on them.

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