Thanks to pandemic-related shipping delays, those rushing out to buy fireworks ahead of the holiday weekend may find empty shelves.

"We're definitely going to not make it to the Fourth of July at the rate we're going," said Ben Laws, General Manager at Pyro City Fireworks in Cheyenne. "We're short on fireworks, there's a national shortage."

"We've got containers that have been stuck out at the port in L.A. for weeks now that aren't moving," Laws added. "From my understanding ... there could be as many as 200 containers still just sitting out there waiting on truck drivers and trains and everything else to move."

Laws says "it's crazy" but for the most part customers have been understanding.

"I wish I had more staff and I wish I had more fireworks," he said. "We're going to make the best of it ... and hopefully it will get back to normal next year."


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