Law enforcement from around Wyoming are on the scene in full force and are still in a standoff with a barricaded man who has barricaded himself in his home.

The suspect reportedly killed a Sheridan Police Department officer and then fled for home with police in hot pursuit.

Police report that the suspect has an AR rifle and a shotgun. He might also have a gas mask, making the teargas that have been fired at him ineffective.

There are reports of him taking shots at police officers.

Small Wyoming towns don't often make national news.

When they do we would like it to be for something good.

That's not the case for Sheridan, Wyoming where a standoff with police is making the rounds of national TV and Radio news.

Sgt. Nevada Krinkee of the Sheridan Police Department died at the hospital Tuesday afternoon after he was shot while trying to serve a trespass warning to a man near the intersection of 5th Street and Val Vista Street in Sheridan, Chief Travis Koltiska announced.

Krinkee was sworn into the department on Oct. 11, 2017, according to the Sheridan WY Police and Fire Facebook page. He was also an Army veteran, local news outlets reported. (FOX NEWS).

News organizations as far away as Washington DC have been following the story.

Krinkee was a six-year veteran of the police department of Sheridan, a city of 20,000 people about 10 miles (17 kilometers) south of the Montana line. (Washington Post).

William Lowery Sheridan WY
William Lowery Sheridan WY

As of 5 AM Wyoming time, there has not been any update from the police.

The standoff continues.

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