Natrona County officials have closed all campgrounds, as well as a number of other recreation facilities, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Natrona County Parks, Recreation and Leisure Department announced the closure early Wednesday. In addition to the campgrounds, it effects group sites/shelters, shower houses, some non-essential restrooms and playgrounds, until further notice.

The campgrounds impacted include lake campgrounds at Alcova, Pathfinder and Gray Reef reservoirs:

  • Black Beach Campground
  • Cottonwood  Campground
  • Fremont Canyon Campground
  • Okie Beach Campground
  • Westside Campground
  • Bishops Point Campground
  • Diabase Campground
  • Sage Campground
  • Weiss Campground
  • Wolf Point Campground
  • Gray Reef Camping

Camping areas on Casper Mountain are not yet accessible, so those areas are not immediately impacted by the closures.

The closures follow increased concerns regarding the county's ability to maintain a healthy environment for visitors and staff, the department said.

All parks currently remain open for day-use outdoor recreation activities including trailheads, hiking/biking trails, boat ramps, fishing access, essential restrooms, and individual picnic areas/tables.

"It is hoped by keeping our park areas open for day-use activities we are able to balance the public’s desire for outdoor recreation with the health and safety needs of our constituents and staff," the department said Wednesday.

Visitors can still enjoy county parks, and the parks department asks visitors to strongly consider these suggestions:

  • Refrain from using parks or trails if they are exhibiting symptoms.
  • Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to and during use of parks or trails.
  • Prepare for limited access to public restrooms or water fountains.
  • While on trails, warn other users of their presence and as they pass, and step aside to let others pass.
  • Follow CDC guidance on the recommended size of social gatherings including outdoor picnicking, pick-up sports and other group hangouts, and maintain proper physical distance at all times.
  • Observe CDC’s minimum recommended physical distancing of 6 feet from other individuals at all times. If this is not possible, users should find an alternate location or depart that space.
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