Members of the Natrona County Fire District were called to perform a rope rescue at Independence Rock on Tuesday.

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That's according to a social media post from the NCFD, who wrote that "Yesterday afternoon, the Natrona County Fire District was called for a fall at Independence Rock for a male patient stuck on top of the rock after injuring his leg."

NCFD firefighters partnered with Wyoming Life Flight and Banner Wyoming Medical Center to treat a climber who was injured on top of the rock.

According to the post, after the initial call, firefighters were waved down by a female at the Independence Rock entrance. She told responders that her companion was at the top, east end of the rock.

The post noted that crews quickly assembled the necessary medical and rope equipment and got to work.

Demonstrating their incredible tenacity and dedication, crews were able to climb to where the male subject was injured and they assessed the situation, and the injury.

Following that, they quickly devised a plan to get the subject off the rock quickly and safely. Crews assisted the subject to a Wyoming Life Flight helicopter, where he was flown to Banner Wyoming Medical Center.

The post noted that the subject suffered only minor injuries.

The NCFD thanked their partners, Wyoming Life Flight and Banner and took a moment to remind climbers of that oft-repeated line from Boy Scouts: Safety First.

"The outcome of this incident was a positive one, which we are all thankful for," the post stated. "With that being said, we would like to remind our residents and visitors to think about your safety, always, when recreating in our county. Whether it’s hiking the trails, swimming in water, climbing on rocks, going off-roading and on; we want you to get home safe and sound."

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