The Natrona County School District has announced that it will be producing a community newsletter to keep residents in the know when it comes to goings-on in the school district.

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News pieces, events, and more will be featured in the newsletter and it is designed to foster and cultivate relationships within the community.

"We are excited to incorporate this new tool into our communication avenues with the targeted goal of providing community stakeholders with information about Natrona County School District’s current state of performance and the progress we are making toward our strategic plan," shared Tanya Southerland, NCSD PR Director.

"This communication platform is designed to help keep our valued community members informed, engaged, and connected to NCSD operations," Southerland continued. "Furthermore, it's a great opportunity to continue sharing the celebrations and successes of our exceptional students and staff and the great work they are doing all year long."

Those interested in signing up for the Community Newsletter may do so at this link.

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