At the Natrona County School District (NCSD) Board meeting on Monday, the board heard from Dr. Charlotte Gilbar, Executive Director of School Improvement, about the district climate survey.

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In the survey, they received about 500 fewer responses in 2021 than in 2020, 11,706 to 10,805, but more than the 9,706 they got in 2019, from among students, teachers, and parents/guardians.

Gilbar said they saw the greatest decline in parent/guardian responses, and the district is unsure as to why there was a drop.

Based on the data collected, the NCSD only partially met its overall goal in each of the four different categories: environment, engagement, safety, and responsibility.

In order to meet a goal, that category needed a score of three, with many categories falling short by different amounts, with some as low as 2.59, and others falling short with 2.99, with the overall scores the NCSD got the closest safety at 2.89.

The district did better from specific groups, with staff and parents/guardians showing the district met their goals in three of the four categories, with responsibility coming up short for the former and environment for the latter.

For students, which ranges from grades four through twelve, the district didn't meet any of the four categories, with the environment going as low as 2.59, and the same was true in 2020 and 2019.

After her presentation, trustee Dave Applegate asked Gilbar how the district can go about improving the district's score.

Gilbar said the schools look at where they scored the lowest in individual areas with the four topics to find where they should aim to improve.

"Building leadership teams look all the way down to that question level and see that trend," Gilbar said. "For time's sake, it's very hard to report on each individual question in this form, but they do have that...we can actually bring actual school improvement plans and you can see where that action step. An example, where if in safety if students didn't feel like there were fair disciplinaries, and they would go back and look at those referrals and see what the discipline was and then address that with students and staff."

Applegate said he's glad the district hasn't fallen that far behind given the challenges the NCSD has faced over the last few years.

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