Yes, some folks around Wyoming have stepped out to speak out about the death of George Floyd. 

No, buss loads of protesters have not moved into your area, no matter where you are. The few protests that have happened have been very small and very peaceful. The protesters waved their signs, chanted their lines, and went home.

There is no evidence of outside protesters coming to Casper. Same goes for Gillette, Cheyenne, Rock Springs, or any other Wyoming town.

In South Dakota, the Sioux Falls police chief rebutted claims that buses were coming from Fargo to incite violence. It was never true and it never happened.

It is understandable that, after watching the rioting and looting across the nation, we here in Wyoming might worry that some of that could come our way. It is even a good idea to remain vigilant, just in case.

But lets not fall prey to a few overly excited people who have let their imaginations run wild.

A good rule when checking to see if a story is true is to read past the headline - that means actually clicking on the story and reading down into it, and then also checking to see where that story came from.

If what you are hearing or reading did not come from a news source, but seems to be nothing more than excited people chattering on the internet, please pass it by. Look for proof and a respected source before you believe it.

Also check the date of the story. During excited times folks often repost something that happened years ago to remind us that we have been here before. But because so many people reading on line do not check the date, or read past the headline, they think that what they are seeing is happening now.

Finally, it does not matter how many people liked it, commented on it, or shared it. That does not make it true.

It is easy to get excited. Pause and dig a little before you like, comment, or share.


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