They also made a planet-friendly pledge for 2030.

Did anyone notice that a six-pack of Fat Tire beer cost $100 on International Beer Day (Aug. 7). For reference, a typical six-pack costs about $12. New Belgium Brewing decide to do this a a cautionary tale of the impact of humans on this planet. They believe that if serious changes are not made, that will be the price of a six-pack in 50 years or so.

Which is why they're doing something about it.

New Belgium Brewing successfully brewed America's first certified carbon neutral beer with its Fat Tire Amber Ale offering. It's all in the name of reducing their carbon footprint on this gorgeous planet we live on, and it's not their first. You may recall New Belgium Brewing moved to wind-generated power for its business in the 90s and they installed Colorado's largest privately-owned solar panel farm in the early 2000s.

This new way of brewing is just par for the course.

So what does it mean? Carbon neutrality means achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions. For New Belgium that means no carbon dioxide emissions from brewing processes, but also their barley farms, malting facilities, transportation, refrigeration, manufacturing, and packaging.

And they're not stopping there.

New Belgium Brewing has pledged to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2030. It's the planet-focused drive that we've come to know and love about New Belgium. Their goal is to challenge the rest of the brewing industry to do the same.

I mean, who wants to spend $100 on a six-pack?

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