The photo above is of the new Philly Shop Restaurant in Gillette Wyoming. It really stands out doesn't it?

Some of you may have heard of the new building trend using old shipping containers. These are the very same shipping containers you'll see stacked on cargo ships or on a mile-long train moving cross country.

There are some incredibly creative ideas (that you can see here) for stacking these old containers and making affordable homes out of them.

The Philly Shop in Gillette sits on a rather thin lot. It would take quite an imagination to come up with a way to place a restaurant there. That factor made the land affordable, despite that it sits on 2nd street, one of Gillette's main drags.

The angled container features the stairs to the top floor. The restaurant was not open when I was there, so I'm not sure if the one standing upright is an elevator. Since there isn't really any place for a delivery truck to pull up on the sides or back, I'm assuming the doors on the lower right are where they will receive shipments.

Very little room is left to park and go eat inside. The place is mostly set up for drive through. But, once they open, I'm sure I'll go just to see what it looks like inside. Besides, I love a good Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

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