Once again science fiction is becoming science FACT!

Well, almost, not YET!

When the Chula Vista California police receive a 911 call they will send squad cars out, but now they can also dispatch a drone just by pushing a button.

This does not mean that the drone is capable of arresting anyone. We have not reached Robo Cop, YET.

But the drone will fly ahead to have a look so officers can see what they are up against.

If they are dealing with a suspect that takes off running the drone will follow him. That saves a lot of running and driving on the part of the police officers. It's also a lot less expensive than a helicopter.

Currently the Chula Vista police are responding to as many as 15 emergency calls with a drone. They have launched 4,100 flights in two years.

Now, other cities, two in California and one in Georgia are trying to drone first responder.

These drones are not armed, YET. They just watch, follow and relay information.

No one has shot at a drone, YET. There is a good chance that shooting at police property will be added to the charge of firing a gun into the air in town.

There are problems in this test program. In the summer drones can get too hot and the batteries can burn up. They also can't fly for too long, maybe a half hour at most.

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