When trouble hits, where do people seek shelter? If a new report is accurate, doomsday preppers are choosing Wyoming.

I saw this story this week from Reuters. It discusses all of the uncertainty in the country right now and how a large group of people are preparing for the worst. It says that Wyoming is one of the top 3 states that are seeing a new influx of doomsday preppers.

What is everyone worried about? The recent conflicts with Iran, financial collapse, impeachment, etc. Or, if you're this guy, you're concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Reuters story says most new land purchases by folks that are looking for off-the-grid property are happening in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

The doomsday prepper movement is not new. You can look back to backyard shelters built during the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960's and more recently with the concerns about the Y2K computer glitch to see this mentality taking shape.

Whatever the motivation, it's leading to a lot more folks seeking shelter in Wyoming for whatever crisis is coming next real or imagined.

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