It seems like everyday there's a new report or video highlighting some touron messing with the wildlife. While it's usually something big, like a bear or moose or elk, sometimes even the most innocuous animals can still be dangerous.

A lady recently found that out the hard way. While walking with a friend along a path, she encounter a swan. Now it's worth noting during these strange times of the pandemic, wearing a face mask is almost mandatory everywhere and even places were they're not, it's still highly suggested, so cool points to this lady for having hers on. That being said, she wasn't wearing it correctly. She had it around her neck and while she approached the swan. The bird seemed to take offense to this, as it reaches out with lightening quick speed and snaps the mask onto her face properly.

The short 15-second video was shared to Twitter by Theo Shantonas. This is a prime example of why you should leave ALL wildlife alone (they're called wild animals for reason), it's still funny to see, especially since the woman wasn't seriously injured.

Now we just wonder if she'll remember to keep her mask up in public for the remainder of the pandemic.

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