Everyone has a list tucked away in their mind of things they'd love to do at least once in their life. I would recommend adding to that list hiking the Grand Teton Loop Trail. A new video proves why this should be considered something you hike at some point in your life.

Kraig Adams is one of YouTube's most popular hikers. He has almost a half million subscribers for a reason. He hikes some of the most beautiful locations in the world for a living and he recently adventured in the Tetons. Here's what he shared from his experience.

All Trails lists the Grand Teton Loop Trail as 31.6 miles and it is rated as difficult. You park at South Jenny Lake and they recommend arrival at early in the morning or late in the afternoon if you want hopes of snagging a spot.

As Kraig mentions in his video, a majority of the hike has Grand Teton firmly in view, but the last park of the hike is a bit more contained in trees. If you check out the reviews of this hike on All Trails, nearly all are 5 stars. Here are a few quotes:

Richard Perrine - Absolutely gorgeous...

Mitchell R. - Absolutely incredible hike. We completed it over 2 days...

Ryan Vorwerk - Insane beauty everywhere from the dense lush green forests down low, to the lakes and wildflowers at mid elevations, and the views way up high. Got lucky and had perfect weather for my 4 days. Highly recommend...

As Kraig mentioned, you can legally camp in the national forest if you don't have a permit for the park. Most hikers recommend making this a 3 or 4 day journey.

I definitely recommend subscribing to Kraig's YouTube channel if hiking is an interest of yours. Just as he discovered, the Grand Teton Loop Trail is a must-hike experience if you love the stark beauty of Wyoming in the Tetons. Just make sure you have bear spray if you plan to hike this trail yourself.

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