It's not often that we find ourselves agreeing with a video that talks about Wyoming.

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Especially when it's one about places to live.

9 times out of 10 the person has NEVER been to Wyoming and Jackson ALWAYS seems to be the main place they focus on.

So when I came across a video from Nowhere Diary claiming to list "TOP 10 Best Places to Live in Wyoming" I was a bit doubtful.

But, I clicked play anyway because even if the video was terribly inaccurate we could have some fun talking about how bad it was.

Imagine my surprise when the video began to talk about something besides how gorgeous our mountains are.

While the narrator does mention the fabulous scenery in Wyoming he also talked about how in Wyoming we have no state income tax, a strong academic record, a strong economy based on the production of natural resources, and one of the lowest costs of living in the country.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and afterward I'll share a few more thoughts with you.

First, let's state the obvious...Casper (Glenrock and even Douglas) didn't make the list BUT Bar Nunn was #6. And while talking about Bar Nunn they mentioned that one of the things that was great about this small town is its location next to that almost counts.

If Rock Springs and Green River have to be on the list, the bottom is where I think they belong.

I thought maybe Gillette should be a bit higher but I wasn't overly upset by its spot at #8.

Kemmerer made it to #2  which is what really intrigued me about this particular list. Most people have no idea this town exists, so for it to make it this high on the list was impressive to me.

Cody, Wyoming was listed as the number one place to live in the video.

You won't find us arguing with that, it truly is a fantastic place to live in Wyoming.

Do you think there were any major mistakes with the list?

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