Just a few summers ago, it was pretty much the year of the hard seltzer and it seemed like White Claw was the rage everywhere. They're still ahead of the curve with their alcoholic drink and they have a new drink, now with even more alcohol for your drunken enjoyment.

"There's no laws with White Claws!" Actually, there's plenty of laws and they certainly include White Claw or any other brand of seltzer so maybe we should just retire that party phrase once and for all. It's kind of lame and stupid at this point. Now that we've established that, White Claw Surge is the new name for the hard seltzers with more alcohol.

The new White Claw Surge will come in a 16-ounce can and will have an 8% ABV. This is an upgrade from your typical 12-ounce White Claw that has a 5% ABV. The flavors of White Claw Surge will be Cranberry and Blood Orange.

Now, in case you were wondering if the 'Surge' name in the new harder seltzer would be a knock-off of the soft drink, Surge, from the 1990s, then to answer your question, no, absolutely not. And good riddance! That stuff was terrible! The soda, Surge, was as if they wanted to compete with a similar product to Mountain Dew, except the standout quality of Surge was that it tasted toxic syrupy and gross. But no, the new White Claw Surge has absolutely nothing to do with that.

According to Thrillist, it looks as if unfortunately the new White Claw Surge will only be available in the single-serve 16-ounce cans and will sell for about $2.99 each. Of course, White Claw has found ways to repackage their products before so perhaps that may happen later on. White Claw Surge will reportedly be selling in Wyoming later this month and perhaps even sooner.

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