According to Donor Alliance, Wyoming is among the top five states for organ donor registration, but there’s always a need for more donors.

Thank you, Wyoming for caring and offering your life-saving help.

To raise awareness for the cause WYDOT has a new specialty plate to spread awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Any person interested in increasing awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation may apply for and be issued distinctive license plates for any motor vehicle that is not a commercial vehicle or multi-purpose vehicle owned or leased by that person upon registration of the vehicle.

The video below features Debbie Lopez, WYDOT Motor Vehicle Services Manager; and Eric  Quinney, Donate Life Advocate.

The young man featured in the video, above, received a heart transplant right here in Wyoming.

General Provisions:

A completed application shall be mailed to the Wyoming Department of Transportation along with a fee of $30 made payable to WYDOT.

Plates will be issued numerically in consecutive order and forwarded to the County Treasurer's Office of the county of your choice.

Current plates must be surrendered to the Treasurer's office upon issuance of the Donate Life Plates.

By registering your decision to be a donor, you get the opportunity to give other people a second chance at life.


As an organ and tissue donor, you can help save and enhance lives.

To register and review the donation process, please visit the Wyoming Donor Registration at Donate Life Wyoming or call (888)868-4747.

You may also register as a donor when you obtain or renew your Wyoming Driver's License or State ID card.

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