A Cheyenne South High School student who police say made "threats of violence" toward another student on Snapchat will not face charges.

According to Officer Kevin Malatesta, police "don't have enough evidence to recommend charges."

Police were made aware of the threats around 8 p.m. Wednesday, but not before they'd been shared amongst a large group of students, resulting in a panic that a mass shooting would take place at the school.

Additional school resource officers were placed at South on Thursday and the student who made the threats wasn't allowed at school, but many students didn't attend class based on the threats that were spread.

Malatesta says the case highlights the importance of quickly and accurately reporting threats to law enforcement rather than allowing those threats to grow into rumors.

"When people continue to spread information or misinformation, half-heard information, it really does a disservice to everybody," he said. "It spreads that panic and causes confusion as to what's actually taking place, what the threats actually are."

"People (need to) let us know as it first comes in, so that way we can quickly identify if there is or isn't a threat and do an investigation," he added.


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