If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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Recently, a social media post has been making the rounds, specifically on the buy/sell Facebook group page Casper Upcycle New and Used, that promotes a free diaper giveaway.

Unfortunately for Casper parents, it's a scam.

It looks real enough. There are a few photos that look like they could have been taken in Casper. The post itself was written casually enough to make it seem legitimate. Even though the content was a bit...off.

The post said the venue of where the "baby box drive style" event would be announced soon. Then, the post included a link that one would assume would give more details about the event.


But it's like what they say about assuming things.

We clicked on the link and it asked us 'Where We Heard About Them.'  We clicked on the Facebook option and then it asked for our email address and other personal information. That gave us bigger red flags than our last three exes combined.

So we did some digging. A West Texas Fox affiliate touched on this scam, including comments from the San Angelo Police Department.

“When we conducted some research regarding the post we learned that not only through the post itself as far as people were commenting it was a scam but they had an external link that you could click. Apparently, they were asking for personal information, at which point once you disclose that information they gave you a voucher for those wipes or diapers and it wasn't legitimate,” San Angelo Police Department Public Information Officer, Richard Espinoza told the Fox affiliate.

So, users beware. Casper plays host to many events that benefit the community. This just isn't one of them.

Because it's like we always say, 'There's no such thing as a free diaper."

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