Let's get this out of the way right up front, if I want beef jerky, I WANT BEEF!

The company Beyond Meat is at it again. First, they gave us the non-meat-meat burger, made out of everything but meat. Then they tried giving us non-chicken chicken.

Don't mess with our beef jerky!

But to be fair, here are some videos of people trying just to see if it tastes good.

I'm all for new things but please don't tell me you're saving the planet by talking us into eating this stuff and not eating meat. You're not.

The gentleman in the video above says he likes the flavor. It doesn't suck. That's a good thing.

But then we have to ask, but is it good for you?

Reading the ingredients on the package is complicated. That's not a good sign.

The gentleman in the video below has a few problems with Beyond Meat Beef Jerky. He gets a little too into the weeds on why he does not think it's good for you but he does make some good points.

Overall he is not a fan of Beyond Beef Jerky but he tosses in a few good things about it near the end.

So let's just boil it down to, it's not great for you, but better than eating surgery junk food or potato chips.

You'd be better off just eating real jerky.

Also, you're not "saving the planet" by eating anything produced by Beyond Beef.

In the end, eat what you like, but try to make smart choices at the same time.

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