Locals feel threatened by their new neighbors from Wyoming because they seem SO carefree and well adjusted. It's just WEIRD!

Bryan and Rebecka met in high school. After they graduated he went to a technical school to get a job skill and she became a nurse. So far so good.

They decided to get married only after they had finished their educations and had both landed good jobs. They put off having kids until they were sure they were finically stable enough. They were off to a good start.

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But work in Wyoming has become a little scarce. It was becoming hard to support the family. "We might have to move out of Wyoming," Bryan said. There was a long chilled silence. They both felt a cold shiver.

They considered many things when looking for a place to move. It was not just about finding a job. It was about finding a good place to raise a family. They also wanted low taxes and low government regulations.

They were able to find jobs in a place that was agreeable, and so they moved out of Wyoming.

Their new neighbors watched from behind their curtains as the young couple moved in. They were having trouble processing what they were looking at.

They both own and drive big gas guzzling pickup trucks? They need to get a Prius if they are going to fit in. What's with the boots? They don't VAPE? Are they actually hanging an American flag out front? Are they trying to piss the entire neighborhood off?

Bryan and Rebecka never argued. They were always smiling and drama-free. Their kids were happy and polite.

Both parents had full-time jobs and they seemed to enjoy working. The family never asked for government assistance and did not seem to want it. They were even - (gasp) - debt-free.

"What's wrong with these people Frank?" a neighbor lady asked her husband. "No one can possibly be this well adjusted. I even tried to engage her in gossip and she said that they like to mind their own business. That's just WEIRD!"

"And look at this Frank, their kids are capable of playing, all by themselves, without supervision. How is that even possible?"

"Well," said Frank, "We better hurry up and cancel them or there goes the neighborhood."

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