You may recall Amy Van Dyken-Rouen from her amazing accomplishments as an Olympic swimmer for the United States.

She's a 6 time Olympic gold medalist, 4 of which she won at the 1996 Summer Olympics which made her the first American woman in history to receive that many gold medals.

While she has my respect for this amazing accomplishment, it's actually only the beginning of her story.

In 2014 Van Dyken-Rouen was injured in a severe ATV accident that severed her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Rather than let her accident be a stopping point in her life, Van Dyken-Rouen was determined to be an example of what it looks like to live – not with a disability, but in spite of one.

She will be in Casper on September 8, 2021 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming  23rd Annual Awards and Recognition Breakfast and is the keynote speaker for the event.

The breakfast is also an opportunity to honor local philanthropists Lisa and Rocky Eades. Their lives were forever changed by a devastating disease, but through their pain, they have given back and changed many lives in return.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming

Their dedication to supporting Wyoming families affected by childhood cancer through Jason's Friends Foundation exemplifies why Rocky and Lisa Eades have been chosen as the honorees for the 23rd Annual Awards and Recognition Breakfast.

The Breakfast is a culmination of the Annual Giving Campaign to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming.

There is no cost to attend, but those in attendance are expected to make a meaningful contribution to support the Boys & Girls Clubs.

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