Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Tuesday announced that state health guidelines designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will remain in effect through August 15th.

That made us wonder what you think of how the governor has handled the pandemic so far. Do you think he's done a good job? Or do you feel like the state has either overreached in battling COVID-19..or not done enough?

Or perhaps you have mixed feelings?

Take our survey and give us your opinion. We'll publish our poll results in a few days.

By the way, last week we asked if Facemasks should be required in Wyoming schools. A majority of our poll respondents said no, with 52 percent of poll respondents giving a negative answer versus 40 percent saying they should be required statewide in Wyoming schools. The rest either had no opinion or said it should be left up to individual school districts.

Here is this week's poll question:

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