There actually was a Republican gubernatorial debate in Wyoming last night. 06/30/22. It took place in Worland Wyoming and was dubbed The Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate.

The debate was not televised but it could be seen on the Washakie County Wyoming Republican Party's Facebook page.

Only two of the GOP candidates for Wyoming governor showed up. Brent Bien and Rex Rammell.

Governor Mark Gordon had expressed interest in attending but bowed out at the last minuet. To show their disappointment the Washakie County Republican Party left a podium open for Mr. Gordon, with is name on it, between the two other candidates.

The debate was hosted by former gubernatorial Dr. Taylor Haynes. 

You can watch the debate in the video below. I suggest you skip the formalities and scroll 32:00 into the video to get to where the actual debate begins.

The questions were not specific to the candidates. Each question was geared toward issues facing the state of Wyoming and the candidates were kept on topic.

The first question opened with the hot topic of Abortion, in light of the recent U.S. supreme court decision. Wyoming has a trigger law that mostly bans abortion in the state in Wyoming. The question revolved around how the state should handle the abortion issue from this point forward.

Energy, school choice, Medicaid expansion and many other issues that focused on federal government overreach and Wyoming independence were the top focus of the debate.

The format was less about debating and more about asking questions of the candidates to see what they thought about various issues. Very little back and forth debate actually took place.

There was little disagreement among the Candidates. Mostly it was about management style and who they, as governor, would handle these issues.

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