If you find someone having a bad day, give them a puppy! It seems to solve all problems.

Here in Wyoming dogs are being used to provide support for our military veterans and service members using canines and other therapeutic techniques.

These are people that have been on the front lines and now need that emotional support.

But the front lines are not just for those who served in our military.

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This same program also helps First Responders including Firefighters, Police and Disaster Response Team Members. 

Donations help meet the needs and training for their service animals, meaning there is never any cost to the veterans and other participants!  

The Kenny Project’s Operation Puppy Love makes a dramatic difference in the life of someone who needs emotional support. 

$110 has the power to purchase one hundred pounds of Dog Food, eleven kennel quality dog bowls, 5 Dog Hammocks (Dog Beds), or Veterinary Services.  

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A month dedicated to love is a better time than any to be part of something with a long-term impact! 

Give to the people who have given so much to us. Give them a puppy that will love them through Operation Puppy Love! 

To donate directly please visit https://www.projectkenny.org/donate/ or contact NJ Garton (307) 247-3237 to learn more about becoming a featured business donor!   

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