An outgoing member of the Wyoming House of Representatives is not impressed with the coronavirus stimulus package passed by congress.

And Rep. Scott Clem is not pleased with the Wyoming congressional delegation's votes in favor of the measure either.

That's according to comments Rep.Scott Clem posted on his ''Rep. Scott Clem for Wyoming House District 31" Facebook page a couple of days ago. In a post dated Dec. 22, Clem had these comments:

''What did our Wyoming congressional delegation do in voting for the massive spending bill? They stole from hardworking Wyomingites. You see, we don't actually have more currency to spend. It's created with just a few keystrokes. When they create more currency it dilutes the purchasing power of the dollars you hold. That means your dollars are actually worth less today than they were yesterday because there is more of them in existence now. This is reflected in higher prices, and we've all seen these higher prices in goods and services. This is what modern monetary theory is all about. Congress doesn't need to tax you to take your money, they just need to create more debt and the effect is the same. YOU WERE ROBBED LAST NIGHT, but were made to think you benefited by receiving $600. "Here's $600 up front!" But the reality is its going to cost you $1000. How does that taste? Politicians are snakes. Every one of them that voted to create currency and steal from you last night should be fired. Your dollars are worth less today because of them. It's part of the greatest wealth transfer in history: taking from you and giving the newly created currency to their favorite people and pet causes."
Clem, a Republican lawmaker from Campbell County, has long been known as an outspoken conservative in the legislature. He did not run for re-election this year.
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