The victim of a drunk driver had to be intubated and undergo surgery at Wyoming Medical Center after being struck by a vehicle while walking early Tuesday morning.

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That's according to an affidavit from the Casper Police Department.

The affidavit states that on July 6, 2021 at approximately midnight, officers responded to the intersection of South Walsh Drive and Crystie Lane after receiving reports of a vehicle versus pedestrian crash involving personal injury.

The affidavit states that dispatch advised officers that a red Dodge Durango had struck a pedestrian, who was "lying in the street passing out and kicking his legs."

The affidavit states that the victim was alert and conscious and being attended to by medical personnel, but that the attending officer noticed "a large pool of blood coming from [the victim's] head."

Upon further inspection, the affidavit states, the officer noticed the front of the Dodge Durango had "front end damage and a busted windshield." The officer then approached three subjects standing on the sidewalk; one of whom, 23-year-old Draven Gamotis, was later identified to be the driver of the vehicle that struck the victim.

According to the affidavit, the officer spoke with Gamotis who stated that he and another subject had driven to the Loaf 'n Jug gas station to get some water and were on their way home. Gamotis stated that he had been driving approximately 30 mph, southbound on South Walsh. The affidavit states that Gamotis said the victim "all of a sudden" began walking across the street and that he did not see the victim "due to the fact that there was a white in color Ford Explorer that blocked his field of view."

Gamotis said that he did not have enough time to stop and collided with the victim.

The officer asked Gamotis if he had consumed any alcohol or drugs that evening, and Gamotis advised that he had not. A sergeant on the scene advised the officer that he could alcohol on Gamotis' breath.

The sergeant asked Gamotis if he would take a portable breath test and Gamotis "advised that he did not wish to take a portable breath test due to his attorney's prior advice."

At that point, officers asked Gamotis to perform a standardized field sobriety test, which Gamotis agreed to.

Ladd stated that upon arrival at the scene, officers located an injured male in the road. They also located three individuals that were involved with the vehicle.

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The affidavit notes that officers witnessed Gamotis smoking cigarettes "almost the entire time the officer had spent with him." It states that Gamotis continued smoking until right before he began performing the HGN tests. Once he put the cigarette out, officers began to smell a strong odor of alcohol on Gamotis' breath. The officer again asked Gamotis if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, and again Gamotis said no.

Gamotis failed every test he was given.

The affidavit notes that "after observing Stanton Gamotis perform poorly on the standardized field sobriety test, officers determined [he] had consumed enough alcohol to the point that it was not safe for him to be operating a motor vehicle."

Gamotis was placed under arrest for driving under the influence, and was taken into custody under one recommended felony charge of driving under the influence, causing serious bodily injury.

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