Here we are already, saying goodbye to the Summer of 2022.

It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that I left Wyoming to travel to England (with a detour to France), and now my five kids are all ready to go back to school.

Between work at My Country 95.5, running my brand, and taking care of my family of 7, it has been a FULL Summer.

When I went to pick some of my favorite pictures, I struggled a bit..because we did so much, and I didn't want to skip sharing anything with you.

But, in the end, I had to buckle down and decided what moments I HAD to share, so below are a few of my favorite pictures from the Summer of 2022.

Take a Look at Prairie Wife's Summer of 2022

From June to the end of August, it was a crazy busy Summer for Prairie Wife and her family of 7. From travels worldwide to enjoying the fun to be had closer to home...the Summer of 2022 was busy and loaded with moments just right for making memories.

Keep in mind I didn't share pictures of my messy, cluttered home, me taking quick naps on the couch, or my kids eating chicken nuggets for dinner yet again.

For me, Summer is all about making memories... lots of family fun, late nights spent laughing and playing, popsicles every day for a snack, and worrying about chores and bedtime once school starts.

Do you have some pictures of your own Summer fun?

You can share them with us in the My Country 95.5 App, we'd love to see them.

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