It's election day and all across Wyoming, residents are casting their ballots for a variety of positions across the state, the most noteworthy of which centers on the Wyoming Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The battle lines have been drawn between current Representative Liz Cheney and the Trump-backed Harriet Hageman. Hageman, based on polling, seems poised to win the election but don't count out Cheney just yet.

While Cheney may be biting her nails come 7pm, she spent at least part of her day casting her own vote - for herself (presumably) and for all of the other Wyoming elected positions.

"Proud to cast my ballot today," Cheney wrote on her Twitter page. "The challenges we are facing require serious leaders who will abide by their oath and uphold the Constitution - no matter what."

That's exactly what proponents of Cheney have said that she's done, when she stood up to Donald Trump- first by voting to impeach him and then by serving on the House Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Attack.

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