A series of photos taken in Yellowstone National Park during the 1970s shows that tourists there weren't that different during that era.

Worland resident and photographer Duane Groshart took these photos in the park sometime during the 1970s.

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The first photo shows the unnamed man realizing he'd probably gotten too close.

Duane Groshart, Courtesy

The next frame shows the man, who Groshart said was Canadian, on the ground after presumably being rammed.

Duane Groshart, Courtesy

Then, the man is back on his feet, processing his mistake.

Duane Groshart, Courtesy

Groshart said the man reported being just fine after the incident.

As for Groshart, "'Those are wild animals,' I said.'Thanks for the picture.'

"We drove onto the road and knew, on that off-season day, that we had already had our Yellowstone highlight."

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