You've heard it a thousand times.

"Hey," you greet somebody.

"Hay is for horses," they respond, thinking they are the cleverest person in the whole wide world.

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Except now, you can finally tell them off, because The Hay Days, in Casper, Wyoming, proves that hay isn't just for horses anymore.

This family-owned business has turned their 100-acre hay field into a veritable theme park of hay-themed activities, featuring a 50-foot hay bale slide, a 160-foot zip-line, a hay pyramid, a miniature maze, and more. The Hay Days also features a slide, a barrel train, a pumpkin slingshot, pumpkin bowling, horseshoes, a giant swing set, a corn pit and so much more.

"This is something I've wanted to do for several years," said Malory Sadler who, along with her husband Charlie, owns The Hay Days and the land upon which it is built. "It started with an idea to have a 'Pick Your Own Raspberry Patch,' and kind of a fall carnival. And then my cows got in and destroyed my raspberries  and I got them to grow back. And then the deer ate them all."

Sadler said her daughter also had some health issues, and then COVID happened, so they opted to delay their idea for the time being. But that idea evolved into a hay-themed adventure land that is suitable for the entire family.

"I think we've done a really good job of having something for all ages," Sadler boasted. "We have a giant 50-foot hay bale slide. We have a 160-foot zip line. We have so many things foro kids and adults of all ages. People can just play and hang out."

Sadler also said that various food trucks and other vendors visit the site every weekend, meaning this adventure really could take up an entire afternoon. Best of all? It's relatively cheap for the amount of entertainment provided. Admission is just $7 for kids and adults 12 and over, and it's $5 for children aged 3-12 years old. Admission covers all activities and it's cheaper than going to the movies. By a long shot.

Speaking of long shots, have you ever fired  pumpkin at somebody? It's very cathartic.

The Hay Days is a park for families, ran by a family. Sadler and her husband, as well as their five children work on the park. They have one employee but mostly rely on family and friends to keep the whole thing running.

In their "off-time," the Sadler family owns a fencing company. Charlie builds fences and they also raise hay (obviously) and cattle to be used for team roping in rodeos and other events.

She said that to turn their hay field into a 'play field' (get it?), it takes about two weeks.

"We had about six semi-loads of hay to build this," Sadler revealed. "We have a skid-steer and an extenda boom (forklift) that we use to stack everything."

Sadler said that thus far, the turnout has been pretty great.

"The first weekend was kind of slow," she said. "But I think that was just a matter of getting the word out. But last weekend and this weekend, we've been really busy. We've had a great turnout and good support from the people of Casper."

The Hay Days opened up on September 18 and, weather pending, they'll stay open until November 14. They're open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and they accept field trips, church groups, and more.

The Hay Days is located near Green Acres Corn Maze, meaning it's the perfect addition to a fun, family-friendly fall days. And, most importantly, now you can tell that quick-witted friend of yours that hay is no longer just for horses.

The Hay Days in Casper

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